I have always considered myself quite a nice person. I like food of all shapes, flavours and colours. From every country and continent. I don’t discriminate, I am an equal opportunity eater. It’s only the doctors who say I’m intolerant. And certain foods who refuse to tolerate me. They certainly refuse to recognise and respect my right to eat them without major physical discomfort and distress.

Gluten and lactose are not my friends.

Despite the negative attitudes surrounding me from many of those I love best, (cakes, ice cream, hot toast) I decided to become a chef. Not always easy when you live in a bread and milk filled world. I like to think that this has helped me become a better person as I embrace my differences and refuse to let the gluten get me down. I believe InTolerance. I am the InTolerant Chef.

Food should not be about what you can’t eat, but what you can and what you enjoy eating. This blog is about my journey of cooking and eating and discovery. It’s not a definitive guide to allergy awareness nor do my intolerances make me an expert. Your body is your responsibility, not mine. I only know what works for me.

I can tell you this..... No glutens were harmed in the making of this website.

December 17, 2011

Turkish delight chocolate bark

Kitchen Zen - Can you imagine the sound of one arm cooking?

Well, half an arm anyway...

Welcome to a new blog, one for gluten free, lactose free and arm free cooking!

Thankyou Dear Readers for all your kind words and well wishes lovelies, and to answer some of the questions I've received, here's a quick update so far:

Round one of surgery was quite successful, with my biceps tendon newly relocated, bones shaved and squidgy bits removed .
I seem to be held together with fishing line stitches, staples, bruises and lots of morphine.
My arm is permanently strapped around my torso for the next few weeks(who needs a bra anyway),
Late night television is actually better than daytime television viewing,
Sleeping while fully upright is actually possible,
Typing is only possible with the fantastic 'Swype' app,
And Christmas dinner this year will probably be something out of a can- if someone else opens it for me.

So for a bit of seasonal cheer, and because chocolate makes everything better,

with the help of my lovely sister who's watching over me for a few days, we put together a yummy Turkish Delight chocolate Bark.

This recipe requires no actual cooking or measuring, just a bit of chopping and lots of spoon licking.

Dark chocolate, I normally use70% Lindt as its lactose free, but todays was just dark
Rose Turkish delight
Pistachio nuts
Dried cherries
Dried rose petals

Roughly chop the Turkish delight and nuts into smallish pieces

Melt the chocolate in a double boiler, or by pulsing in the microwave for 30 second intervals.

Spread the chocolate evenly and fairly thinly over the base of a lined oven tray

Quickly but artistically sprinkle over the nuts, petals, cherries and Turkish delight.

If this is a bit to tricky to manage while slinged and splinted, scatter them on carefully over the chocolate, then pop the tray in a slightly warm oven to keep the chocolate oozie and soft while the pretty bits settle in.

Let the chocolate bark set until nice and hard, then break into nice big shards for packaging up for gifts or consuming immediately, Yumm...

So my Dear Readers, are you on track for Christmas next weekend?



  1. Ouch - sending you lots of speedy recovery vibes!

    oooh and that bark looks tasty! i had already planned on making some this week!

  2. Ouchies! That looks painful. You poor thing. And how you managed to blog and do things with one armed is truly admirable! Your sister is a great help! And yes late night television is loads better than daytime :P

  3. What a fantastic, Christmasy recipe. But I'm so sorry to hear you've had surgery and need some time to recover. How frustrating. I hope you mend well - and swiftly because life without an arm must be so difficult.

  4. Oh you poor thing looks painful. I hope you are sending some of that Turkish delight bark back up, I know some little Turks who would love that.

  5. Barely just on track, as of today. Four batches of tempered chocolate and several christmas trees later, and we're all wrapped and good to go. You poor darling, that arm looks sore, but I'm glad your sis is there looking after you! And you can't keep a good chef down, eh, I love that you still had to make something to give away for Chrissie.. :) Get well soon! xxx

  6. I was just gonna ask about your arm! Hope you're on the mend, that bruise looks NASTY!... You are an amazing one armed GF chef :)

  7. The bark is gorgeous - and love a recipe without measurements OR cooking...thank you for the inspirational gift idea.

    The ARM - yuck. Cracked up over the bra comment. Three years ago I fell and broke my shoulder. I too had my arm strapped under the girls for weeks. I joked about growing mushrooms under my armpit.

    Admire that you don't look to be letting it slow you down - may you be back to your fully functioning healthy-self soon!

  8. It's terrible what happened to your arm, hope you recover soon! Still even without any arm action, your cooking still looks so amazing! Well done :D

  9. Oooh. Arm. Make sure to wear short sleeves for maximum sympathy.

  10. not really on track, but loving the look of this - yum :)

  11. Ooh, very pretty & I have all that I need on hand to make this! Thanks for the idea for a great way to use up some leftover dried cranberries.

  12. Oh you poor thing :( I hope you are feeling much better shortly! You will end up with one huge arm otherwise! Loving this bark :) I do it with toffee... nom :)

  13. oh my gosh! I hope you're doing ok? Lol who needs a bra anyways? So true!

    I reckon one armed cooking can be done in a really really heavy pot and only so long as you don't need to lift it! Here's hoping some peeps step up to the plate and help you open that can for christmas, otherwise your chocolate bark would make a pretty delectable christmas brunch...

    All the best for your recovery.

  14. WordPress ate my comment BAH!
    Chocolate and morphine - a great combination! :-)

  15. Huh. I would never have believed in a million years that you were slightly disadvantages in the kitchen by the look of this recipe! You're still just as awesome as ever, with a full set of arms or not... Keep it up and good luck with the rest of your recovery! =)

  16. Dear Intolerant Chef,

    Looks like it has not stopped a one-armed bandit from creating something that looks so delicious.

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas with your family and a speedy recovery!

  17. I love Turkish Delight and Rocky Road so this is a great recipe for me. I'm so sorry to hear your recovery is going to be so slow. And at this hectic time of the year too. I do hope you get more on your dinner plate than something out of a can. Despite it all, I wish you a very Merry Christmas xx

  18. P.S. Merry Christmas! I hope it is filled with lots of fun and delicious food :)

  19. Mmmmmmmmm, these look wonderful! I hope you enjoy a wonderful Christmas with your family (in the heat, without snow, but we don't have any snow over here either ...) ! :)

  20. I love your tasty chocolate barks a lot! :) Looks so appetizing too & easy to make!

    This 1 armed girl cooks her hart out!

  21. oh dear, Rebecca! I'm sending you healthy arm vibes, poor thing. Glad you're on track but that's just....tough!! Good luck! I'm sure a slab of this bark helped ;)
    Heidi xo

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