I have always considered myself quite a nice person. I like food of all shapes, flavours and colours. From every country and continent. I don’t discriminate, I am an equal opportunity eater. It’s only the doctors who say I’m intolerant. And certain foods who refuse to tolerate me. They certainly refuse to recognise and respect my right to eat them without major physical discomfort and distress.

Gluten and lactose are not my friends.

Despite the negative attitudes surrounding me from many of those I love best, (cakes, ice cream, hot toast) I decided to become a chef. Not always easy when you live in a bread and milk filled world. I like to think that this has helped me become a better person as I embrace my differences and refuse to let the gluten get me down. I believe InTolerance. I am the InTolerant Chef.

Food should not be about what you can’t eat, but what you can and what you enjoy eating. This blog is about my journey of cooking and eating and discovery. It’s not a definitive guide to allergy awareness nor do my intolerances make me an expert. Your body is your responsibility, not mine. I only know what works for me.

I can tell you this..... No glutens were harmed in the making of this website.

June 19, 2014

Baked Breakfast-With-The-Lot Mushrooms

I really like the idea of breakfast

I have whole cookbooks and clipped folders devoted to awesome recipes and morning munchies

I do eat breakfast, but I don't really enjoy it first up in the morning. I'd much rather wait a while and enjoy it properly when I've had time to wake up a bit, more of a brunch thing actually. BigJ really likes a proper breakfast, one that has all the necessities- eggs, bacon, sausage, tomato, toast and mushrooms. I like a breakfast that has all this yumminess without a whole heap of effort or mess, after all, standing at a hot pan in my PJ's isn't all that appealing. There had to be a better way.....

As I'm having my own little Mushroom Week here at the InTolerant Chef, working with Australian Mushroom Growers and promoting the Power of Mushrooms, I wanted to show how lovely they would be in a tasty baked breakfast or brunch dish that still included all the basics of a good, old fashioned, Breakfast with the Lot but with a lot less hassle- yummo!

Baked Breakfast-With-The-Lot Mushrooms
Per Serve:

1 large cap Mushroom
1 gf Sausage
1 Egg

gf Bread
halved Tomatoes

When choosing your mushroom, pick ones that have a really nice deep cap. Carefully remove the stems from the mushrooms. Make sure they sit nice and flat on a tray- trim a little slice off the top if you need to

Very carefully crack an egg into the cup of each mushroom- this is why it needs to be nice and deep

Slit the side of the sausage to get to the goodness within
You can use any mince or sausage you like for these lovelies. I choose a gf pork and fennel one that I thought sounded nice, but a chorizo would be great too

Form each sausage into a patty that's large enough to fit over one of your mushrooms. Wet hands are a really good tip if the meat is sticky

Place the patty gently over the egg, making sure you don't break the yolk. Then carefully pinch the edges of the patty around the rim of the mushroom. Don't leave any little gaps or the egg might leak out. Season everything well with salt and pepper, and drizzle with a bit of oil if you like

Place the mushroom, tomatoes and bacon on a baking tray and bake for about 15 minutes on 180*C. You want the sausage to be cooked through and the mushroom and tomato to be hot and softened

Look how nice and brown they've gone! I popped my bread in to toast for the last 5 minutes or so as well- why bother with the toaster when the oven's already on, right :)

Serve up your delicious breakfast on plates you also warmed up in the oven while your breakfast baked. How civilized- no standing at the stove, no splattering fat. You could even prepare all these the night before and have the tray ready to pop in the oven while you boil the kettle for your morning cup of tea- easy peasy!

Now, I baked these for 20 minutes as I got slightly distracted ... they were still delicious, but think how perfect they would be with a gorgeous, oozy yolk- yummo indeed!

So Dear Readers, do you like a leisurely brunch, or do you bolt down a quick muesli bar and cup of coffee on the way to work?

Thanks again to Majestic Mushrooms and the Australian Mushroom Growers Buy Local Campaign  for supplying me with such yummy produce. Find out more about them over Here  


For more information on this campaign and the wonderful health benefits of mushrooms, check out:
 Facebook: powerofmushrooms
 Twitter @Mighty_mushroom
 Instagram: powerofmushrooms
 Pinterest: powerofmushrooms
 Website www.powerofmushrooms.au
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  1. Becca, you've all convinced me! Off to the markets I go today - to buy mushrooms! Lovely breakfast idea, thanks hon! xxx

  2. Oh yummy! I might have to try this one day. I don't mind making a cooked breakfast in my pjammies. It's only for 1 as I'm a childless spinster ;)

    If I'm out with a friend from Brissie, she gives me her mushies (allergic) and I give her my tomatoes allergic).

    1. I'm glad you can come to a mutually beneficial arrangement with your veggies Ista- waste not, want not! :)

  3. OMG I could live with you forever if you cooked this. I love it!

    1. Your husband might miss you though Maureen- and it's waaaay to cold down here :) x

  4. I LOVE MUSHROOMS! After having the iconic shroom burger (vegetarian) at Shake Shack which is breaded and crumbed and filled with melty gooey cheese, I have a newfound love for mushroom burgers! This would make a nice alternate version to it!

    1. Mushroom burgers would be fantastic MsIhua! I'll have to give them a try for sure, thanks :)

  5. Great way to make mushrooms! Not sure I could have this for breakfast as I've always been a picky eater when I get up and am never a fan of food in the morning, but I could totally go for this later on in the day!

    Krissie x - http://pearlsofstyle.blogspot.com.au

    1. Sounds like your a Brunch gal like me Krissie! I can't miss out on my cup of tea to start the morning with though :)

  6. What a lovely egg sandwich! This is a terrific start to the day and I'll definitely remember this recipe. I love a breakfast like this on weekends xx

    1. Thanks Charlie! I'm going to make a whole tray for some friends and a nice brunching session as soon as the weather clears up xox

  7. Oh blimey Becks!
    These sound WONDERFUL
    I will definitely be making these

    1. Thanks Janet! I hope you definitely enjoy them as much as I did :) xox

  8. What a great idea! We both love mushrooms to bits esp. the big field cap ones and this hassle-free egg and patty recipe looks too good to pass. Will have to try it this week. Thank you. :)

    1. THe big field ones have so much flavour, don't they- extra yummy! I hope you like them, let me know :)

  9. Am laughing at myself!
    I tried making these this morning - for tomorrow's breakfast...
    I thought the mushrooms were flat, but no! Egg whites oozed out, leaving just the yolks.
    I trimmed a little and tried again, but same result.
    So, I tipped the yolk out, filled the gap with home-made chicken liver pate and then sealed it up with sausage.
    Same same, but different - right?